LIBTA Conference Recap

LIBTA & LIWECA Fall Conference 2016 Summary
Summary credit to: Doreen Kelly, Smithtown Hs and Lori Polansky, Hofstra Student

With administrators from 5 local colleges and universities on the panel, I joined the 2016 LIBTA & LIWECA Fall conference, where Sue moderated discussions about what these schools are offering for our Business students, some new and innovative Majors for students to choose, what the Career Center does to help students, and how the Business and Career programs in college help students to be Workforce Ready. Following is a re-cap:

· High Schools should focus on Global projects in the classroom as International Business has many career opportunities; speaking a second language is extremely beneficial also

· Classes that can help students to get into a college Business program include:

· Ways to help high school students to get involved in college while still in high school include:
· Colleges and universities expect students to work while in school or participate in internships to help build their resume

· Common themes across all schools included gaining more IT knowledge as data and analytics are critical in Business; taking a global perspective in the classrooms; focusing on oral communications and giving students an opportunity to complete presentations in class; performing real-life scenarios i.e., investment class, trading desk, and Shark Tank; aligning a Career Center Advisor to incoming students who will guide them throughout college.

Each college representative discussed their business programs and what sets them apart from each other. It is apparent that colleges are competitive and our students are looking for the best program with the most impressive job placement rate and the employers are looking for the college graduates coming from the most successful college programs.

The National Center for Education Statistics has stated that the greatest number of degrees is in business. Each college representative discussed their various business programs with emphasis on innovation, technology and collaboration. They are changing their programs constantly to meet the global workplace by incorporating innovative International Business programs that include the study abroad program. Each expressed the continuous expansion of their Entrepreneurship programs to include practical applications such as "Startup Incubators". Each college also expressed how competitive their programs are and therefore they are looking for the best of the best. In addition their GPA and test scores the college is looking for a well rounded student, a student who also gives back to their community and is involved in other activities and co-curricular activities.

How does this information help the CTE teacher/ WBL Coordinator?

Our programs need to incorporate more project based learning into the classrooms to promote innovation, technology and critical thinking skills

Some of the points made were

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